AEH Property Services (superseded)

AEH Property is known for the design and development of innovative residential and commercial developments, both on our own and through joint venture partnerships.

With wide networks, diligent market research and careful planning, we identify and undertake property projects that deliver quality, value and future growth.

We’re extremely skilled at risk assessment and site consolidation. We maximise the site’s potential with an an informed understanding of its best use.

In constructing and completing development projects, AEH Property contracts building risk to third party contractors whilst maintaining careful control over standards and quality. We utilise our capital and design expertise to reposition assets, extensively improving their leasing profile and future value.

Our success is built upon an implementation of a broad range of property skills from project feasibility, to design and approvals, project development, project management and sales, leasing and marketing. Our robust dealflow and precise transaction execution is a strong point of difference.