About Retirement Living

Independent Living

It’s natural to change your lifestyle as you age, but there are certain aspects of your daily living that you shouldn’t have to lose. Many independent living options exist, allowing allow seniors to age in place, living a comfortable and happy life. AEH Retirement Living communities offer a high quality senior living opportunity that makes it easy for older adults to stay in their home town while adopting a secure, healthy and serene environment.

Our retirement villages offer accommodation designed for independent living, built with active retirees in mind. This retirement option is for seniors who don’t need day-to-day assistance, but rather for seniors who are ready for a relaxed and community-based style of living. The homes are specifically designed to create a physical environment suitable for older Australians. Of course, seniors who do need additional assistance are more than welcome to integrate their preferred doctors or other medical professionals into the AEH retirement experience.

When you choose to live at an AEH Retirement Living village, you are not just selecting your home, but choosing to move into a community with on-site management and support, as well as caring neighbours who will look out for you. Our community centre offers a space where older adults can come together to socialise, participate in hobbies or simply catch up over a cup of tea. Sugar Valley, our retirement community in Newcastle, also has a well established golf course to keep older adults entertained.

Seniors who choose an AEH community will find many of their daily needs are completely taken care of. Our experienced professionals can assist with everything from home maintenance to gardening, to allow residents to live out the peaceful yet active retirement of their dreams.

Family members of our residents can also rest easy knowing that their older loved ones will be well looked after. In addition to the services provided within the AEH retirement community, you can be certain the homes and community are completely safe and designed with seniors in mind.

We offer several different types of homes, allowing seniors to tailor their living space to their needs and lifestyle. If you’re looking for senior living that allows you to enjoy a safe and happy environment, AEH’s communities are the ideal choice.