AEH Property Services

AEH Group is known for the design, development and management of innovative retirement living communities and residential developments, both on our own and through joint venture partnerships. Utilising a cohesive blend of internal skills and partnerships, AEH has extensive professional service and delivery capabilities.

Our success is built upon an implementation of a broad range of property skills from project feasibility, to design and approvals, project and development management, construction management, asset and facilities management, sales, leasing and marketing.

AEH Group applies its diverse and specialised skills to the creation of tailored homes and Communities which meet the changing needs of our residents.  Successful Communities need to bring the delivery of custom-designed and purpose-built environments with the ongoing provisions of diligent and tailored services.

Project Feasibility and Planning

With wide networks, diligent market research and careful planning, we identify and undertake property projects that deliver quality, value and future growth.  We’re extremely skilled at risk assessment and site consolidation. We maximise the site’s potential with an an informed understanding of its best use. Our robust dealflow and precise transaction execution is a strong point of difference.

With a deep understanding of the planning system, we’re able to envisage and plan successful projects from beginning to end.

Development, Project and Construction Management

In constructing and completing development projects, AEH Group maintains tight project and development management controls through a blend of internal and external resources.  AEH is a licensed builder in NSW, so with our in-house capability in construction, design and project management, we’re able to efficiently deliver products of high standard.  Construction risk is managed through through the blended use of third party contractors and internal construction management appropriate to the work.

Design Services

Our in-house design team brings a wealth of design experience to the creation of retirement living and aged care projects.  The design services capability at AEH Group builds on experience and heritage dating back to 1961.

Sales and Marketing

In the delivery of Communities, AEH brings in-house sales and marketing expertise to the successful completion of projects.  Our sales team understands that they are entering into a long-term relationship with a potential customer which begins on the day the customer walks in the door and continues throughout their time in our Communities and beyond.

Asset and Facilities Management

We utilise our capital, management and design expertise to maintain the ongoing quality of assets, and reposition them as appropriate to improve their future value.  In our Retirement Communities, the diligent management of the village assets is essential to the ongoing wellbeing of our residents.