Need help to find out about accessing services, shops or to go to the movies.  Speak to our concierge. Need help navigating My Aged Care, or getting information on local health and wellbeing community and government services?  We can liaise with community and government agencies on your behalf in relation to care and assistance packages in order to make it easier for you to talk to the right people.  Need help you devise your own health and wellbeing plan? We can arrange for health and allied health professionals (eg a GP, podiatrist, nutritionist, nurse) to visit you in your home or for you to visit them in the Welcome Centre.  Need to access additional home aid services? We can put in touch with the right people. Need to access residential aged care or respite care providers? We can assist you get in touch with local providers if the need arises.


There is existing transport – the village bus – at the estate and you can talk to us to arrange personal transport to shops, medical appointments and other activities.


Assistive and home automation technology is rapidly changing, providing help to people as they age.  Apart from the nurse-call system that is monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, Sandy Creek will also be fitted with the modern technology infrastructure that allows for modern assistive devices to be installed as they become available.


Sandy Creek is purpose-built accommodation designed to meet the needs of our residents as they age.  The estate is carefully designed to remove trip hazards to ensure that you can access your home, the secure parking, and all the community facilities without needing to use any stairs. Bathrooms are built to ensure that they comply with modern access requirements, and amenities such as grab rails can be easily fitted if you want them and where they suit.