Around the Home

Domestic Assistance

Tied of the chore of cleaning every week?  At Sandy Creek we can arrange for a weekly clean of your home. Tied of doing the laundry?  We offer a fortnightly linens service. Talk to us about accessing other assistance in your Sandy Creek home, such as helping with your personal washing, making the bed or more regular cleans.


Sandy Creek is a purpose-built centre for older retirees wanting more day-to-day assistance to help them maintain their independence in their own home.  It is possible to access further personal services (such as showering, hair care, dressing, meals assistance), medication management and nursing care from external providers.  Speak to our staff to discuss your needs in more detail.

Home and Garden Maintenance

At Sandy Creek, we aim to take the hassle out of home maintenance.  The fee makes provision for our gardening team to maintain all common areas within the estate including the common gardens. Around the village this includes lawn mowing and edging, the planting and pruning of trees, care of all the common garden beds including weeding and road and pathway maintenance.

Residents are responsible for their private balconies but alternative arrangements can be made with us. As part of your fees, we change your light bulbs, clean the gutters, repair leaky taps, and attending to general wear and tear.

In your home this covers the appliances, fittings and fixtures as well as the exterior of the property. Unlike most new homes, our homes come with a lifetime capital maintenance and replacement guarantee.